Go Green With IKEA!

Today I am very excited to announce a fantastic new collaboration between the Urban Jungle Bloggers and IKEA Germany!


Living Small & Happy

Embrace your life in the moment and live happily ever after. No matter how big or small your home is.


Summer In Paris

The best travel tips for a hot summer getaway to the French capital Paris!


Travel Tips For Sicily – Part Two

Experience the charms of eastern Sicily with its wild coast, romantic cities and smoking volcano. Not to mention the delicious local food.


Visiting Old Jerusalem

Wandering through history in the old town of Jerusalem.

Makana: Handmade Rugs from Portugal

July 7, 2015 2


Makana, rugs, handmade rugs, Portuguese rugs, interior styling

When it comes to interiors, I have a few soft spots: plants, ceramics, wooden objects, home textiles. I love to have a variety of those at home to change and recreate my habitat. I am particularly drawn to objects that are handmade – I admire the little imperfections that make it perfect in my opinion. But I digress. I actually wanted to introduce you to a new label from Portugal – Makana. They produce and sell handmade rugs which come…

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Five Summer Travel Tips For Paris

July 4, 2015 2


Paris, France, Summer in Paris, Paris Travel Tips,

My traveling schedule is pretty cool – it keeps me running, literally from one trip to the next one. From a blogging perspective however I tend to run behind my travel posts. Sometimes as late as a month – like in this case! I spent a summer weekend in Paris mid June and believe it or not, while you’re reading these lines I am in – you guessed right – Paris! If you want that instant travel feeling, come over…

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Plant of the Month: Ficus Ginseng

July 2, 2015 4


Plant of the Month, Ficus Ginseng, houseplants, indoor plants, Urban Jungle Bloggers, plants

I host a good amount of plants in my home. Recently I counted more than 30 plants in my apartment of 32 square meters. And no, I am not obsessed. But when I got hold of the new ‘Plant of the Month’ by The Joy of Plants, I couldn’t resist to bring it back home all the way from London. During our weekend in London we as Urban Jungle Bloggers were happy enough to collaborate with The Joy of Plants…

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48 Hours In London

June 30, 2015 2


London, 48 hours weekend, Blogtacular, Urban Jungle Bloggers

Two weeks ago I spent a quick 48 hours in London. It was the Blogtacular weekend and I was excited to be speaking with my plant fellow Judith about our Urban Jungle Bloggers community. Our presentation was a success if you ask me: We had a big audience (even sitting on the floor as all chairs were taken) and a vivid Q&A session after our presentation. Another personal highlight of this year’s Blogtacular was the keynote speech by Grace Bonney…

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The Importance Of Daily Rituals

June 28, 2015 5


coffee break, handmade ceramics, Chemex, pour-over coffee

Let’s be honest: We love all the Instagram images showing a coffee break, a quite moment with a book or magazine, a leisurely snapshot on the pool. Why? Because we all lead super busy and speedy lives. Somehow social media have turned to be our visual daily break that we affirm with a ‘Like’ yet we rush from one meeting to the other, from one project to the other. I tell you this because I am the same. However, I…

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