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Behind-the-Scenes: The Urban Jungle Book

First peeks at the new Urban Jungle Book!

Greek Island Dream: Astypalaia

Fulfill your Greek island dream on Astypalaia in the middle of the Aegean.

Lost in Plantation: Orto Botanico Palermo

Exploring the lush botanical garden in Palermo.

Urban Jungle Bloggers: Kitchen Greens

Adding some plants to the kitchen for that green urban jungle touch.

Welcoming IKEA to my Urban Jungle

Welcoming IKEA to my home with a little makeover styling - the Swedish way!

Lost in Plantation: Botanical Garden Belgrade

October 17, 2016 3


Lost in Plantation, botanical garden, Belgrade, Serbia, Belgrade travel tips, Botanical garden Belgrade

Sometimes life just bites us. The email inbox is flooded. The to-do list is growing. And our ‘mojo’ seems lost in translation. Luckily there is one solution in almost every bigger city. One way to calm our mind and root our being: botanical gardens.…

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When Prehistory meets Modern Times

October 10, 2016 2


Saana ja Olli, home textiles, Ikiaika, new collection

One of my favorite Finnish design labels, Saana ja Olli, did it again. They launched a new collection that is beautiful, intriguing and tells a story. ‘Ikiaika’ is the mysterious name of the range of wonderful home textiles. The name literally translates to ‘the eternal’ which hints at the collection’s inspiration.…

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Paris Travel Tips

October 3, 2016 3


Paris, Paris Travel Tips, Travel Blog, Paris Places to visit, Visit Paris, Paris Cafés, Paris Restaurants

Paris is always a good idea. Indeed it is. No matter how often you return to the French capital there are always new places to discover. One week ago I spent another weekend and my itinerary was challenging: half a dozen new cafés, great restaurants, and a few hidden passages waited to be discovered. …

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Book Review: Decorate for a Party

September 30, 2016 2


Decorate for a Party, book review, decoration, decor, decoration book, party decor

I’ve been living now for nine years in a cosy albeit too small rooftop apartment. Too small in the sense that it houses me as one person perfectly but whenever i wanted to invite friends I felt challenged. Is there enough space?…

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