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October 2011

New e-mag: 91 Magazine

25 October 2011 0


The success story of e-magazines continues: The latest beauty in a range of inspiring e-mags is the UK based ’91 Magazine’ published by Patchwork Harmony. The cover already guides the way to a happy and delicate journey through interiors, design, crafting, and styling.…

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Let’s Get Inspired: 5 Happy Inspirations

24 October 2011 0


1. Flipping through the October issue of Ideal Home I got hooked on Marks & Spencer’s Lyon coffee table. Which, by the way, would perfectly match the zigzag rug! 2. This zigzag rug by Urban Outfitters triggered an idea on how I want to restyle my living room for the coming season.…

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Loving “Decorate // Lust auf Wohnen”

23 October 2011 0


I’ll say it straight away: I am so lucky to be friends with some of the most wonderful, inspirational, and successful design bloggers like Mr. Bazaar aka Will Taylor from Bright.Bazaar or the one and only Holly Becker from decor8blog. Last week, I had the unique opportunity to meet Holly for the very first time in person right here in Munich.…

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From Place To Space: Greece

22 October 2011 0


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 Images from Taschen “Living in Greece” 1 It’s only been a few weeks ago that I’ve come back from the sun-spoilt Greek island of Rhodes. I love travelling the Greek islands. Back in my university time I spent a year studying in Athens and ever since I’ve grown accustomed to Greece, the Greek people, language, food.…

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Welcome To Happy Interior Blog!

20 October 2011 0


1 Here I am. After almost a year of networking, scooping, pinteresting, tweeting interior design & home decor topics I finally have a digital home to call it my very own ‚happy home’. Just as we’re able to transform a house into a home with a distinct interior design that reflects our personality and taste, I did my best to convert this digital house into a very personal digital home.…

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