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December 2011

From Place To Space: Portugal

18 December 2011 0


It’s Monday and thus time for yet another inspiring trip. Ready? Here we go! Today I am inviting you to join me on a sunny trip to Europe’s south-western tip, to colourful Portugal. Portugal is one of my favorite countries. The vibrant life on Lisbon’s streets, the winding alleys and paths in Lisbon’s old neighborhoods like Alfama or Bairro Alto, the ever charming Portuguese tiles, the rugged western coast, the sunny beaches on the Algarve, the delicious fish dishes, and the unique and sensuous sounds of Fado.…

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Ideas For A Happy Weekend

16 December 2011 0


During the last two weeks, the weather here in Munich has been rather fickle. Overcast, windy, partly sunny, grey, cold, mild – in a nutshell: not really wintery. Now this weekend has brought a serious change. A noticeable drop in temperature and fresh snow have returned the feeling, that is appropriate for a December in these latitudes.…

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Happily Ever After: Christmas Cards

15 December 2011 0


‘Tis the season to be jolly…isn’t it? I am in a happy pre-Xmas frenzy, my friends. I did a good deal of gift shopping, I’ve decorated my shoe box aka apartment, I booked my ticket to Paris, had (more than one) mulled wine and ginger bread.…

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Craving: Wood & Leather

14 December 2011 0


With dropping temperatures, wet weather, grey and gloomy days the craving for a homey and cosy retreat and staying-in grows exponentially. A cup of steaming hot tea, a beloved book, a warm throw and natural inspired, laid-back interior styling to relax the body and mind.…

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From Place To Space: Munich With Mr. Bazaar

14 December 2011 0


Today I am inviting you to a very special trip, one where I don’t have to travel but be a happy host. Yes, I am inviting you to Munich today, the city I’ve lived in for the past five years. In order to give you the authentic feeling of being a guest in Munich, I invited one of my best blogger friends over, Will Taylor aka Mr.…

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