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January 2012

5 Happy Inspirations: Scented Candles

31 January 2012 0


A few days ago on Twitter, I bewailed my woeful state of running out of scented candles. During the gloomy and cold season I so depend on the warming glow, the soothing odour and the beautiful design of scented candles in my home.…

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Sneak Peek: 91 Magazine Spring Issue

30 January 2012 1


It’s end of January and to be honest, I am starting to feel a bit ‘over and done’ with winter and can’t wait to welcome spring. Since the weather outside refuses to accept my wishes, I am warming my eyes and heart with a little exclusive sneak peek of the upcoming spring issue of 91 Magazine.…

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From Place To Space: Rome

29 January 2012 0


This time it’s you have decided on our next ‘From Place To Space’ destination. I asked you on my Facebook page to pick the next inspiring place and the winner is Italy’s charming capital Rome. Well, your wish is my command and here we go – andiamo a Roma!…

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Ideas For A Happy Weekend

27 January 2012 0


With a busy full-time job and a high-flying blogger schedule, I hardly have time to enjoy a cup of coffee in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. But if I were able to enjoy all the nice things during the week, what would the weekend serve for?…

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