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June 2012

Ideas For A Happy Weekend

June 30, 2012 0


Happy weekend, friends! I hope it is as beautiful and warm where you are as it is here! This weekend I will be spendings lots of time outside: enjoying the sunshine, having breakfast with a friends, visiting a beautiful interior store slash café, and strolling down my neighbourhood’s ‘courtyard flea market’.…

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Tile Love: Made a Mano

June 27, 2012 0


I’ve always loved tiles. I think it’s the abundance of materials, styles, colours and patterns that executed a great deal of attraction to me. I’ve admired traditional tiles from Morocco, Portugal, Italy and imagined their use throughout times for interior design reasons.…

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5 Happy Inspirations: For A Leisurely Wednesday

June 26, 2012 0


Wednesdays or as I like to say hump days are  the moment when we catch a first glimpse of the upcoming weekend. So there is nothing better than to pause for a moment and enjoy a leisurely Wednesday. To bring that laid-back feel into your home, I’ve picked ‘5 Happy Inspirations’ for you.…

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Colour Combination: Grey & Pink

June 25, 2012 0


Recently I have been thinking about a very specific hue, a colour that polarises. Pink. While some are all for it, others are – gently put – rather reluctant. I was never head over heels into pink, but lately I was coveting a special combination: pink and grey.…

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