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August 2012

Sneak Preview: French Connection Home

29 August 2012 0


After a successful premiere with its spring/summer collection, British fashion & home brand French Connection heralds the new season with the launch of its autumn/winter collection in September. If ’50 Shades of Grey’ was a success, then this is the ongoing feast of grey hues for colder days. …

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5 Happy Inspirations: Hearty Finds

28 August 2012 0


If you read my blog I take it as a natural that you love beautiful goodies for the home. So I guess you are one of my fellow sufferers when it comes to home accessories. Sometimes I walk through an interiors store and I literally feel my heart skip a beat when I encounter something hearty.…

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Giveaway: Win An Art Print By Minted

27 August 2012 0


I am a self-confessed sucker for art prints. If I lived in a bigger apartment, I’d probably have a serious budget problem. But hey, how can you not be a lover of art prints with companies such as Minted who offer incredible designs with a more than teasing price tag?…

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From Place To Space: Blogger Fun In Munich

26 August 2012 0


First of all: I am sorry for not taking you to a new destination today but staying local. Yep, this time I am Munich bound. But I had a very good reason to stay in Munich: I was expecting one of my favorite fellow bloggers and good friend Will aka Mr.…

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