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August 2012

Ideas For A Happy Weekend

24 August 2012 0


Happy weekend, friends! This one will be pretty busy and inspiring here in Munich. After last year’s winter expedition in Munich, my fellow blogger and friend Will aka Mr. Bazaar of Bright.Bazaar is inspiration chasing with me in Munich. I have prepared a long list of great cafés, restaurants, and interiors stores.…

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Happily Ever After: Flair Magazine

23 August 2012 0


How about a brand new fashion & home magazine to kick start the approaching weekend? We all love a good read for a relaxed weekend, right? Here we go. With Germany’s ‘dernier cri’ on the magazine racks: Flair Magazine. Flair is sassy magazine combining fashion, beauty and interiors.…

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Style It Up: Bathroom Idea

22 August 2012 0


When I get up, it’s the first room I enter. Before I go to sleep, it’s the last room I leave. The bathroom. Interior design and decoration doesn’t stop in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen. A beautifully styled bathroom is actually a must: it pays aesthetic tribute to the bathroom’s purpose – perpetuating personal hygiene, beauty, and aesthetics. …

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5 Happy Inspirations: Happy Algebra

21 August 2012 0


Is it just a cliché or is it true that people who are more adept in arts, languages and the like are somewhat weak when it comes to mathematics and algebra? Well, I admit maths was not my favorite subject, indeed.…

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Disney Happiness For The Home

20 August 2012 0


Here in Munich, I enjoy a great advantage. I live downtown and there are many interior decoration and homeware stores just around the corner. One of them is Butlers, a German home & interior store, that has spread its wings to the UK and other countries recently.…

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