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October 2012

Comfy Interior Design: Snuggle Up!

24 October 2012 0


It has gotten so cold here, my friends. And believe it or not: this weekend the first snowflakes are predicted here. Well, I think winter’s just around the corner. This makes me long for quality time at home, cocooning all day long with a hot cup of tea and a pile of books and magazines.…

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5 Happy Inspirations: Kilim Mania

23 October 2012 0


I am suffering – of that interior decoration frenzy called ‘kilim mania’. I feel like buying a vintage kilim rug and adding some more kilim cushions to the cutie I already own – see it here. So I was browsing some of my favorite sources for kilim goodies and here are five hotties I am flirting with these days.…

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

22 October 2012 1


I bet you are a big Pinterest fan just as I am. Well, sometimes I get lost in the visual spheres of Pinterest and browse through dozens (hundreds?) of inspiring pictures. And it always happens that my eye gets caught by certain rooms.…

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First Bloggerversary – And A Little Idea…

21 October 2012 0


Exactly one year ago, I wrote the first words here on Happy Interior Blog. It’s been an incredible year, my dears! A year full of happiness, colourful ideas, home visits, design shows, guest posts. My idea was to create a blog with the mission of bringing happiness to our homes and our daily lives.…

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Ideas For A Happy Weekend

20 October 2012 0


Here’s a quick & happy post to celebrate my favorite day in the week – Saturday! It’s the day when I boost with energy: I want to get up early and prepare a good breakfast, I want to stroll down the market and buy fresh blooms, veggies and fruits, I want to do some shopping, cook something nice, meet friends for a coffee and – if there is any time left in this fantasy – do something new in my home.…

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