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December 2012

Why This Room Caught My Eye

10 December 2012 0


If you want to catch my attention, colour in interior design and home decoration is a good lure. Now I don’t have to outline the fact that the colour blocking in this room has definitely caught my eye. The bright yellow table?…

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Ideas For A Happy Weekend

7 December 2012 0


Happy Saturday my lovely readers! I hope you’re spending this weekend in sheer bliss and happiness. I am in mission for you out and about – I am off to nearby Salzburg to discover the city’s charms during winter with its enticing Christmas markets, the smell of mulled wine and gingerbread, the sound of Mozart and ‘The Sound of Music’ – all packed in one charming city.…

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Happily Ever After: Bloomingville

6 December 2012 0


As an avid traveler, I have to admit that there has been one particular city on my travel wish list for quite a while: Copenhagen. The Danish capital seems to be a real design hub in northern Europe and hosts some of the finest design brands and interior stores.…

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Stylish Christmas Tree Alternative

5 December 2012 0


In the spirit of the festive season, designer Deborah Bowness has created an ingenious and beautiful alternative to real and artifical trees: the Wallpaper Christmas Tree. With two designs to choose from, both in Deborah’s signature trompe l’oeil with a twist style, these tree panels can either set a one-of-a-kind statement for Christmas or cover up an entire feature wall for a natural vibe and cabin feel to your interior design.  So if you decide to avoid chopped trees or if you simply lack the space for a real Christmas tree, opt for this wallpaper.…

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