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February 2013

Waiting For Spring With Rowen & Wren

28 February 2013 0


There is one thing I really don’t like: nagging about the weather. I mean honestly, that is some kind of odd smalltalk topic and gap filler when you have nothing better to say, right? Yet, I am doing it constantly over the past few weeks.…

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5 Happy Inspirations: For ‘Your’ Habitat

27 February 2013 0


It is a matter of fact, there’s been a lot of ups and downs for Habitat lately. But with its latest collection, Habitat seems to resurrect like the mysterious Phoenix out of the ashes. Now if you are looking for great furniture and home accessories for your private ‘habitat’, you might want to pop around Habitat’s refreshed website with a fine selection of reasonably priced home goodies.…

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

26 February 2013 0


Yesterday, while I was on Twitter I got into a little conversation with one of my blogger friends, an Australian who lives in Paris and designs jewelry. Olivia told me about the book ‘Gypset Travel’ by Julia Chaplin (which is now on my wish list) and this got me daydreaming of bohemian style interiors, lush and rich with textures, patterns and colours.…

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From Place To Space: Quaint Regensburg

24 February 2013 0


Every Monday I try to take you with me on a little inspiring voyage to discover new places and spaces. It is my way of fighting the Monday blues of returning to offices, duties and chores. So today, let us discover the quaint town of Regensburg in Bavaria, Germany.…

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Ideas For A Happy Weekend

23 February 2013 0


Happy weekend, my friends! Finally those so precious two free days arrived and I am out and about to accomplish my little tasks: Going to my favorite bakery to buy fresh, dark German bread and pastries, I will fetch a bunch of fresh tulips on the market, snap a few pics in my apartment (oh it’s only on weekends that I can take pics with natural light at home), I will meet up with a friend for an afternoon coffee and I will cook some  ‘soul food’ to fight the snowy days – a winter minestrone as seen HERE and I will bake a Swedish almond cake as seen HERE.…

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