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February 2013

Happily Ever After: Studio Meez

21 February 2013 0


In today’s ‘Happily Ever After’ post I’d like to present you a super cute Etsy shop with a small but fine selection of home goodies. I really love handmade, unique products because they are the best way to add something to your home that is not available in stores around the world.…

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Home Decor Trend: Little Houses

20 February 2013 0


To set things clear: I don’t claim to be a trend scout. Most certainly I am not. But this post has evolved through my recent experiences at some home decor trade fairs and my own home. I am talking about houses, to be precise: little, decorative houses.…

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5 Happy Inspirations: A Summer Home Story

19 February 2013 0


Today’s five happy inspirations are the ingredients of a little interior styling fairy tale told by – well, myself. It is a story without a theatrical pretense, without surplus phrases or literary embellishments. It is a plain story of visual stimuli that generate a quick idea of a happy home.…

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

18 February 2013 0


Hello my friends! I am back after a wonderful weekend getaway to a quaint little German town and a busy Monday full of interviews – yesterday I gave my first radio interview to the German national broadcaster WDR. You can here me speak HERE (in German) and I must admit – I loved it!…

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Ideas For A Happy Weekend

16 February 2013 0


Happy weekend, my friends! What are you up to? No matter to tell you how much I love weekends. Sometimes, I also like to plan my little ‘Ikea weekends’. Like in most other cities, Ikea is located on the outskirts of Munich so I only get to go there on a weekend (after I’ve convinced some friends with a car to join me – and consequently drive me there).…

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