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April 2013

Why This Room Caught My Eye

23 April 2013 0


Have a look around the room where you are right now – what catches your eye immediately? Those salient visual cues are the essence of my Tuesday blog series ‘Why This Room Caught My Eye’. There are always a few visual cues that stand out and make a real design or styling statement.…

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BLOGST Munich: Teaching A Blogger Class

22 April 2013 0


The German blogger workshop series called BLOGST came to Munich a few days ago. The workshop in Munich was entitled BLOGST PRO – blogging for advanced bloggers. Ricarda, the mastermind behind BLOGST, asked me whether I’d be interested an co-lecturing the workshop with her and it took me two seconds to consider – I said yes!  Teaching my first blogger class was pretty exciting.…

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Ideas For A Happy Weekend

20 April 2013 0


Salut mes amis de la France! Oui, oui, I am back again to my second home, to Paris. I am spending a prolonged weekend over here and I will also make a little French seaside getaway – the full coverage soon on the blog and if you are curious where I’ll be, just pop over on Instagram (@igorjosif) to follow me along in real time.Watch this space for more French inspirations over the coming days and weeks.…

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