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June 2013

8 Bloggers – 8 Stylings For &tradition

24 June 2013 0


Hello my friends! This Tuesday I have to skip the ‘Why this room caught my eye’ series cause I couldn’t wait to share another highlight from my design blogger tour in Copenhagen: Our visit to the Norm Architects design studio where we were invited by the design brand &tradition.…

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From Place To Space: Design in Copenhagen – Part Two

23 June 2013 0


Hello back, friends! After last weeks part one, let us now continue with the design adventures in Copenhagen. The 3-days design trip was marked by great interior design inspiration and a big deal of design bloggers fun. The first day included one more stop – we visited the showroom of Montana, a Danish furniture maker with designs by Verner Panton, Arne Jacobsen and more.…

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Ideas For A Happy Weekend

22 June 2013 0


After yesterday’s post about a sensual home, I want to share just four quick snippets of my happy home with you. I thought a lot about how sensual my home is and I think there’s a great deal of sensual cues that I love at home.…

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How Sensual Is Your Home?

21 June 2013 0


Home is our emotional heartland – a place to restore our balance. Home is your corner of the world. Time to be slow, time to dream, time to read. One of the biggest luxuries in modern life is unscheduled, uncommitted time.…

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Fashion For Home Showroom Opening In Munich

20 June 2013 0


Hey friends! Let me just tell you that I am typing these words on my sofa, window wide open, fan placed directly in front of me in full speed and I am sighing – after an entire month of rain (at least it felt like that) we are now in the midst of a heat wave with temperatures reaching 35 degrees Celsius and above (that is like 95 degrees Fahrenheit).…

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