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June 2013

5 Happy Inspirations: Hump Day Picks

19 June 2013 0


Wednesdays are happy days cause they’re hump days. We’ve climbed the hump and there, at the horizon, we can spot it. The eternal goal of every week, the reason why we dig through Mondays, crawl through Tuesdays and fight through Wednesdays.…

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

18 June 2013 0


What I love about Tuesdays is that Monday is over and that I am sharing another room that caught my eye this week with you. Today I would like to share a bedroom, actually a guest bedroom, with you. I found this pic on ‘The Design Files’ and this room belongs to the home of Australian blogger Kirsty Davey.…

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From Place To Space: Design in Copenhagen – Part One

16 June 2013 0


Some of you know that I spent three days in Copenhagen, Denmark, full of design and blogger fun two weeks ago. Eight bloggers from eight European countries were invited by the DesignTrade show to dive into the essence of Danish design and get a profound understanding of the country’s design scene.…

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Ideas For A Happy Weekend

15 June 2013 0


It’s all about ‘flower power’ this weekend! One of the things that I love to do on weekends, is getting a fresh bunch of flower to inaugurate the weekend in a bloomy mood. I always feel so inspired when I’m reading two of my favorite flower blogs – ‘Madame Love’ and ‘Glomerylane’ – and I immediately want to run out, go to the market and buy a fresh blooms to decorate my home.…

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People, Food, Styling: The Ingredients Of A Happy Home

14 June 2013 0


Last Friday I took you along to an enchanting dinner at the home of Copenhagen based stylist Nathalie Schwer. It was part of our design blogger tour for DesignTrade and hosted by Nathalie, Broste Copenhagen, Le Creuset and Simply Chocolate and put in magic photography by the impeccable Line Thit Klein.…

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