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October 2013

Schoolhouse Electric: Get A Hipster Home!

24 October 2013 0


Last Tuesday I took you to Portland, Oregon, the so-called capital of hipsters. Now, if my pictures haven’t been proof enough, hold on – I have the coolest address to make your home a hipster home! Schoolhouse Electric is a Portland based treasury for hip furniture, home accessories, lighting fixtures and hardware.…

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Happy Interior Blog Recommends…

23 October 2013 0


Here comes a novelty in Happy Interior Blog’s third year of existence: The blog series ‘5 Happy Inspirations’ will from now on be entitled ‘Happy Interior Blog Recommends…’ and will continue to be a product focus post where I share my favorite finds of the week.…

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From Place To Space: Going to Hipsterville – Portland, Oregon

22 October 2013 1


Due to yesterday’s blog birthday and book giveaway, this week’s ‘From Place To Space’ post makes its appearance on an unusual Tuesday. But nonetheless I will make sure this yet another inspiring virtual trip to a new city. Today you are very welcome to join me to Hipsterville, the capital of hipsters, tattoos, moustaches and beards: Welcome to Portland, Oregon!…

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Thanks To These Blogger Friends!

19 October 2013 1


This weekend I want to use the opportunity to thank some of my blogger friends based in the USA. That is probably the most wonderful side effect of blogging: an international network of likeminded people and friends. During my last trip to the USA I used the opportunity to meet up with some of my favorite peeps there.…

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