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December 2013

From Place To Space: Design Fun In Berlin

15 December 2013 1


Two weeks ago I set off for an early bird flight from Munich to Berlin to attend a four days design blogger tour in the German capital. This was the second design blogger tour after Copenhagen. I was looking forward to meeting my fellow bloggers and friends and exploring design in the popular city of Berlin.…

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Bolia Opens First Store In Munich

13 December 2013 0


Two weeks ago I attended a fabulous milestone in Munich’s shopping life – the opening of the first Bolia store. Ever since I was in Denmark I fell in love with the stylish, cool and modern furniture and home accessories from Bolia.…

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Urban Jungle Bloggers: Green Festive Vignette

12 December 2013 0


December is upon us and so it is clear that this month’s ‘Urban Jungle Bloggers’ post must be a festive one. Including the essential green vibe. Thus, our topic this month is called ‘Green Festive Vignette’. When it comes to festive Christmas decoration, there are basically two types of approaches: a bold and full-force decor sweeping blow or a more moderate, simple vignette.…

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Happy Interior Blog Recommends…

11 December 2013 0


Mid-week, mid-December, mid-pre-festive-shopping-mania: In questions of gift shopping I must say the easiest presents are those for myself. I know, not very generous. But on the other hand we can also be generous to ourselves from time to time. If you need some more shopping inspiration, be it for yourself or your beloved ones, I have curated a little selection of recommendable goodies for beautiful homes – of course with a little blue bias – you know me by now.…

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

10 December 2013 0


It’s been quite a while that I featured a kitchen in my weekly ‘Why this room caught my eye’ blog series but today I am drawn by this fabulous kitchen for its excellent design. It is a great example of a combination of two styles, something that seems ambiguous at the first sight, but perfectly works when thoughtfully put together.…

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