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March 2014

From Place To Space: Weekend Getaway To Venice

30 March 2014 1


Last week I shared a little sneak peek of my weekend getaway to the world famous lagoon city Venice in Italy. Traveling to cities like Venice can be a bit of a challenge: it is one of those cities that is high up on people’s travel bucket lists and you feel constantly confronted with the danger of drowning in mass tourism.…

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Creative Chit-Chat: Coffeeklatch

28 March 2014 0


Just yesterday I talked about how much I love to peek into people’s interiors, be it friends or foreigners. As an interior design loving guy it is sheer pleasure for me to see how others dwell and how they create the most intimate space – the own home.…

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Home Tour: Colourful Stylist Home In Denmark

27 March 2014 0


When you love interiors, you seriously enjoy home tours of any kind – be it when invited over to a friend’s place, be it on TV shows or in magazines. That is why I keep returning to foreign interior magazines, even though I don’t understand a word, I love the home stories and let the aesthetics speak to me visually.…

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Happy Interior Blog Recommends…

26 March 2014 0


Sometimes I have to admit it: The most precious thing in my home is when I have time to enjoy it. I was thinking about it while I was thinking of today’s post and what I’d like to share as product recommendations for our homes.…

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

25 March 2014 0


My wish for today: staying in bed. Believe it or not, but winter seems to be back and we had some good snowfalls yesterday. However, the daily duties are calling for my alert presence so I must abandon my comfy bed.…

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