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April 2014

I Am Off: Happy Israel Trip!

25 April 2014 1


Yes, the time has come for a new happy travel adventure. And this time it is a very special trip: For the very first time in my life I will be traveling to the ‘Holy Land’, to Israel. I am excited on so many levels.…

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Urban Jungle Bloggers: Green Windowsill

24 April 2014 0


April is the month to get my windowsill green! Even though it was a pretty typical April up to now with literally everything – sun, rain, snow, mild weather, cold weather – it is still a good moment to add some greens to the windowsill.…

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Happy Interior Blog Recommends: Westwing

23 April 2014 0


Today I want to share my latest acquisitions with you: An incredibly soft blanket with soft yellow and grey triangles, an industrial stool and a glass cloche with ceramic base. I found all these goodies on Westwing, a shopping club that some of you might know already.…

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

22 April 2014 0


Orange is a colour I always put on the side of more ‘challenging’ interior design and styling thoughts. Why? Because I am very suspicious of orange as a colour in interiors. It seems to be too flashy, too dominant and too individual in its first sight appearance.…

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Spring Styling, Press Coverage + Happy Easter!

18 April 2014 0


The long awaited and well deserved Easter holidays are commencing – I have packed my suitcase, bought chocolate bunnies for my nieces and nephews, and I am ready to head off to Austria for a family Easter weekend. But before I am off to Austria I though I’ll share a few shots of my recent spring styling at home – well, styling is a bit exaggerated.…

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