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May 2014

Home Tour In Llamas Valley Magazine

30 May 2014 1


I am pretty happy about all the positive feedback I get whenever I share some glimpses into my tiny apartment. Most friends tell me that my apartment looks way bigger when I take photos and share it, but in fact it still is and will remain a teenie-tiny rooftop apartment with 32 square meters.…

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Design Chair Crush: Leya By ‘Freifrau’

29 May 2014 0


Design chairs are something like ‘hot stuff’ for interior design aficionados. You know, just name dropping like Eames chair, Wishbone chair, Egg chair, the CH07 or ‘Smiling chair’ by Wegner – just to mention a few. Design lovers get big eyes and phrases of awe and praise cascade out of their mouths.…

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

27 May 2014 0


Whenever I get asked to describe my interior style, I use expressions like ‘Scandinavian inspired’, ‘ethnic elements’, ‘colour pops’. I think I have never used the word ‘retro’ to describe my own style. Of course the reason is: My personal interior style is not retro at all.…

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