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May 2014

Bed & Breakfast…And A Good Book

16 May 2014 0


The weekend is just ahead of us and it’s been now a week that I am back home. No matter how good and great the vacations are, there is no feeling like coming back home. No hotel, no airbnb, no bed & breakfast can replace the own home and the own bed.…

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Israeli Design: Visiting Studio Cheha

15 May 2014 0


This Monday I kicked off my blog posts about my recent Israel trip and today I want to share a very special design discovery I made in Tel Aviv. Thanks to my design savvy friend and fellow blogger Chedva I had the opportunity to meet a super cool young Israeli design couple, Nir and Aya from Studio Cheha.…

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Happy Interior Blog Recommends…

14 May 2014 0


Are you the kind of person that does a spring cleaning in the home? I mean the design/decoration kind of spring cleaning. You know, when you reassess your belongings and your tchotchkes, when you go through things and reconsider their presence.…

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

13 May 2014 0


Here we are, back to my Tuesday series with a title I love because it is like a statement and question in one. So why did this room catch my eye? Probably because it looks so relaxed and expels a sort of quietude that I am looking for after action loaded days.…

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From Place To Space: Hello Tel Aviv!

11 May 2014 1


Hello back all my friends and readers! It’s so good to be back with you. What has been a two-weeks holiday seemed like a little eternity to me. But I filled up the little eternity with a maximum load of inspiration in Israel.…

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