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June 2014

Art Crush: Decorating Your Walls With Lumitrix

20 June 2014 0


According to my love for illustrations, photography and any other wall art, I should live in a palace with an abundance of free wall space to decorate and redecorate. Alas, reality tells another story. The story of very limited wall space and a pile of framed wall art stored in a corner of my apartment.…

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Interior Inspiration In 91 Magazine

19 June 2014 0


A regular fix of mine for interior inspiration are the numerous e-magazines available. One of those is the British 91 Magazine – it features home stories, thrifty and crafty ideas for the own home, interviews with creatives and more. Moreover, it is probably the e-mag with the strongest vintage focus of all e-mags I know.…

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Happy Interior Blog Recommends…

18 June 2014 0


The search for the perfect sofa can take you all around the globe. The hunt for the perfect armchair can make you browse the web for days. A new graphic print for the wall? Hours of Pinterest surfing are the result!…

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

17 June 2014 1


Yesterday I was rushing after work to a fabulous book store here in Munich which happens to be just in my neighborhood. It is one of the coolest and nicest book stores in town – it is called Literatur Moths if you ever happen to be here in town – and I went there to buy a birthday present for one of my Parisian friends.…

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