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August 2014

Home Textiles From Finland By ‘Saana ja Olli’

28 August 2014 0


It’s like two years ago that I discovered the Finnish design duo ‘Saana ja Olli’ for the first time. It was more or less love at first sight and I purchased one of their cushions immediately that I dearly love ever since (you can see the blue cushion HERE).…

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Happy Interior Blog Recommends…

27 August 2014 0


Currently I am pondering about a new bookshelf for my tiny apartment. A slightly bigger one than the current one I have, so that I can store more books in it and that I can use some shelves for those tending ‘shefies’ – you know, it’s quite a good way to train your styling skills with shelves:-) I haven’t made up my mind about the shelf yet, but I have found a few new accessories that would look rad on my new shelf.…

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Plant Of The Month: Echeveria

26 August 2014 1


Today I am very happy to introduce a new mini series on the blog – the first written in both, English and German. I have teamed up with, a platform dedicated to houseplants and part of a larger project funded by the European Union.…

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Little Boho Makeover At Home

22 August 2014 2


Whenever in life we feel the need for change, there is one or several reasons triggering it. When I felt like it’s time to make a little boho makeover at home, I think I was ushered by an inner drive caused by the warm summer weather, my recent trip to Serbia, the general desire to explore the world, colour inspiration from the streets.…

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