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November 2014

Giveaway: Win Art For Your Walls By Ixxi

November 21, 2014 0


Have you heard of ixxi? If you love art on your walls this is the way to go! Ixxi is the perfect solution for wall art in rented spaces or if you do not want to harass your walls with a hammer, nails or a drilling machine – because the ixxi art is simply attached and detached without trace once you want to change your wall decor!…

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Everyday Amazing: Esprit Home In 2015

November 20, 2014 0


A few weeks ago I received one of the coolest press preview invitations (see it HERE) – it was so amazing that I was totally intrigued. And it read: Everyday Amazing! But what was it all about? Esprit Home invited the press to a special press preview in Hamburg and even though I couldn’t make it up to the north of Germany due to other projects, I wanted to know more and share it with you.  I have blogged about various Esprit Home collections here on Happy Interior Blog and their campaigns were inspired by urban surroundings and were named after a world metropolis.…

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Happy Interior Blog Recommends…

November 19, 2014 0


Wednesday is hump day is half way to weekend is a day to treat yourself – this is the sort of weird sequence of thoughts I have on hump days. You know, little treats motivate you to tackle the remaining half of the working week and then indulge in a relaxing weekend.…

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

November 18, 2014 0


Sometimes the weather does shape our perception and forms our taste. Every season inherits this power. And autumn does has this immanent power too. My commuting between Munich and Paris has recently been padded in fog, leaden skies, low hanging clouds.…

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From Place To Space: Café Uzitak In Belgrade, Serbia

November 17, 2014 2


Serbia’s capital Belgrade is very vibrant. The city’s young and creative crowd is shaping the city’s face from day to day and there is hardly any other European city transforming and reinterpreting itself at such a speedy pace. One of the city’s latest additions is the cute and super welcoming café named ‘Uzitak’ (the ‘z’ has to be pronounced like a French ‘j’) which means something like ‘pleasure’.  The café is located in downtown Belgrade not far away from the central Terazije square and the bohemian Skadarlija quarter.…

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