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December 2014

Happy Holidays And See You in 2015!

23 December 2014 0


With today’s blog post I want to wish you all a very festive holiday season and a happy new year. I am thankful for each and everyone of you who has followed me along the path, who has read my blog, commented here, who followed me on other social media channels.…

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From Place To Space: Advent In Nuremberg

21 December 2014 2


Before we all take off to our well-deserved Christmas holidays and spend the days and evening feasting with our beloved ones, let me take you one more time to a new city in this year. Since we’ve almost reached Christmas, I thought it would be nice to take you to the German city of Nuremberg.…

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Light It Up!

19 December 2014 0


There is one advantage of grey and gloomy days: You get to play along with all kind of light sources at home. And since it’s a festive season too, you can unpack all your twinkling lights without the feeling of guilt to be childish.…

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Side Effects: Art Prints From The Balkans

18 December 2014 0


Some of you know that my family is of Serbian origin and thus I like to peek to the Balkans from time to time and observe what is happening in the design scene over there. Belgrade has become a sort of center for the Balkans design scene with various cool concept stores like THIS one ore fab design cafés like THIS one.…

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Happy Interior Blog Recommends: Smood

17 December 2014 2


Today’s blog post comes with a few excuses and apologies as a preface. First of all, apology for inviting you unintentionally into my messy bed (ooops), excuse me for the chaos and ignore the fact that I have no sheet on my mattress.…

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