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July 2015

Spanish Design: Casa Gracia in Barcelona

July 20, 2015 6


Spanish Design Week, Barcelona, Hostel Tip, Casa Gracia

If you followed me along on Instagram, you will know that I spent the last week roaming half of Spain with the mission to discover the best of Spanish design. This amazing design bloggers tour was named ‘Sunny Design Days’ and it was more than appropriate: We had not only sunny weather but a real heat wave that accompanied us from Barcelona via Valencia to Madrid.…

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Capsule Collection by Warehouse Home

July 15, 2015 3


Warehouse Home, Capsule Collection, home accessories, interior styling, home decor

Do you know Warehouse Home? It is a bi-annual print and digital interior design publication and they have launched their first ‘Capsule Collection’ in partnership with nine individually selected independent British brands. The Capsule Collection encompassed 13 exclusive designs from furniture pieces to illustrations and home accessories like cushions and planters.…

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Collector vs. Hoarder: Vintage Ceramics

July 13, 2015 3


vintage ceramics, pottery, vintage, ceramics, collection, home decor

Where is the line between collecting and hoarding? Where is the difference between interesting collections and messy clutter? Questions I keep asking myself when looking at my growing vintage ceramics collection (I still stay positive and use the term ‘collection’ instead of ‘clutter’ in my case, ha!).…

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Summer Blogging Tips: Beat the Heat!

July 11, 2015 4


summer, summer blogging, beat the heat, Dyson cool fan, tips for summer blogging

Seriously, I love summer, I love warm temperatures, but when I am in town and working I am not a big fan of 30+ degrees Celsius. It gets hot, I am boiling in my clothes when going to work, I am sweating in the metro (where all the old people complain if anyone dares to crack open a window), I am shutting all blinds in the office, and then one more sweat round in the public transport to get home.…

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