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March 2016

One Day in the Bay of Islands

March 12, 2016 4


New Zealand, Russell, Bay of Islands, travel tips, travel blog

I have taken you to Auckland and some of my favorite addresses in New Zealand’s biggest city and now it is time to move out from the urban surroundings and discover a bit of what New Zealand is certainly most known for – its lush and beautiful nature.…

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24 Hours in Munich for Design*Sponge

March 9, 2016 2


Munich travel guide, Munich hotel, design hotel Munich, Munich travel tips, Reisetipps München, München

Before I spam you with more New Zealand impressions here on the blog, let’s refocus on the city I am actually living in: Munich. As you might remember I was working on a 24-hours travel guide with my friend and photographer Lina Skukauske for Design*Sponge and shared some behing-the-scenes peeks here.…

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An Auckland Favorite: Bioattic

March 2, 2016 4


Bioattic, Auckland, plants, plant store, Urban Jungle Bloggers

The best thing about loving plants is that it is a worldwide phenomenon. Now it only took me a 24-hours flight to reach the other end of the world and find a place that embodies the love for plants in one fabulous shop: Bioattic in Auckland, New Zealand.…

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