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April 2016

New Zealand Tip: Coromandel Peninsula

28 April 2016 5


New Zealand, travel blog, Coromandel, Hot Water Beach, Cathedral Cove, travel tips

When you travel from Europe to New Zealand you figure like four weeks is a minimum I should plan. I spent four weeks in New Zealand and I must admit I could have easily spent two more to fully embrace and enjoy the countless beauties of this far away country.…

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French Design For Small Homes: Stooly

25 April 2016 7


Stooly, small homes, paper furniture, eco friendly furniture, French design

Small homes come with a number of challenges. One of those challenges are sitting opportunities. Having guests over requires sitting options but a pile of chairs can be just too space consuming. The young French design label Stooly came up with a simple yet smart idea: they created a stool made of cardboard, fully foldable, beautifully looking and good for the environment.…

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Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plants & Glass

21 April 2016 3


Urban Jungle Bloggers, plant styling, plants, plants and glass, glass vessels, houseplants

If I look around in my apartment, most of my plants are in terra-cotta pots or other ceramic planters. Glass vessels are rare. That was one of the reasons to declare April the month of ‘Plants & Glass’ for our Urban Jungle Bloggers community.…

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Flea Market in Munich

18 April 2016 3


Munich, flea market, Riesenflohmarkt, München, vintage, home decor, home accessories

There is always that one Saturday in April in Munich. Only once a year. And it is a Saturday when I am all excited and happy to rise and shine early in the morning. That Saturday was last weekend here in Munich.…

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International Plant Appreciation Day

13 April 2016 2


International Plant Appreciation Day, Houseplants, indoor plants, green living, Urban Jungle Book

It’s time to pop the champagne – or better yet, fill up that watering can with good water because it’s International Plant Appreciation Day today! Truth be told, for us plant lovers everyday is plant appreciation day. But today is special so I’ve decided to wake up from my blogging lethargy and share a few iPhone snapshots from my home and from the last photo shooting for the upcoming Urban Jungle Book in Istanbul, Turkey.…

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