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21 September 2012 0


Last weekend I was reading an interesting article in one of Germany’s biggest daily newspapers. The topic: The bathroom is advancing to a personal spa in a growing number of German households. Now I was very happy to see that the fab BlogTour sponsor Mr. Steam has great solutions for the design and wellbeing conscious consumer. And I do believe that this is a global trend. We are becoming more responsible consumers: we pay attention to our nutrition, to sustainability in design and to our health in general. So a private spa for the personal well-being is just another step to take. And Mr. Steam certainly has something to offer. 

The steam showers and towel warmers transform any bathroom into a modern hamam. If I had the opportunity to design my own home I would definitely pay due attention to the bathroom and create my very own spa.

Find Mr. Steam on Facebook and on Twitter. And they are available on the German market, too: Mr. Steam heats it up!

Photography via Mr. Steam 

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