Book Review: The New Boho Book

5 May 2015 1


I have been a passionate follower and reader of Justina Blakeney’s blog over the past few years. I love her unconventional style, her eclectic collections, her love for plants and colors. She is a sort of a beacon who reminds me that styling a home is a personal matter, it allows for all aspects to be included that reflect your personality, it is your playground to get creative. She is something like the antidote to the overstyled interiors devoid of personality as seen in some glossy interiors magazines. All those inspirations, ideas and decor tips including some cool and simple DIY ideas are now condensed in one wonderful book: The New Bohemians – Cool & Collected Homes, shot by the impeccable Dabito (have I mentioned I am a fan of his work too?).

The New Boho Book takes us on a tour through various cool and collected homes. By guiding us through inspiring real homes, Justina highlights the aspect that boho or bohemian is not a fixed, determined term. It is not you are either boho or not. Bohemians come in various forms of expression and intensity if you want so: You could be the modern, the earthy, the folksy, the nomadic, the romantic or the maximal bohemian. After going through the entire book you are tempted to look around you and ask yourself: Am I a bohemian?
If someone asked me to define my bohemian style after consulting The New Bohemians, I’d say I’m a modern bohemian with slight influences of the earthy bohemian. What exactly defines those styles? Well, I think you simply have to grab a copy of this amazing book and look it up for yourself!

Photography: First pic by Igor Josifovic, others by Dabito 


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