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25 July 2014 0


In Germany’s east there is a city called Weimar. I have never been there. But for those among you interested in European history this might be a name you’ve heard of. Or for those among you interested in literature – you might remember something with Goethe and Weimar. But today I don’t want to talk about history or literature here. I will talk about interior design in Weimar. To be more precise: About a fab design apartment to rent in Weimar. Actually they have two of them, but today I want to show you the latest addition.

When I saw the pics for the first time my instant feeling was: I like this! The apartment looks airy, spacious, modern, light-flooded, with a strong Scandinavian vibe and vibrant colour splashes. In a nutshell: my kind of interior. But there is more to this apartment than just a lovely interior concept: The apartment is equipped with design classics (evident on the first glance, right?) and designs from the local Bauhaus University of Weimar. Thus, this is not only a stylish holiday home but also a great example of how to exhibit local, young design.

To be frank, I have not planned any trip to Weimar so far. However, I feel like I have to overthink my planning as this apartment seems to be very attractive and inviting. And after all, I could also brush up my history and literature skills a bit. Even though the booking website is called ‘Hier war Goethe nie’ (literally: Goethe was never here) I think I could bring a long one of his books. Design, history, literature – sounds all well worth a trip to Weimar.

Happy weekend, friends!

Pictures by Matthias Eckert Photography


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  • Reply Tina 26 July 2014 at 17:32

    And there is a little place called Koriat who’s tartes are one of the bests I ever tasted – sadly there are only two places to sit in the bakery but with a design apartment like this – perfect for a afternoon with cake & tea

    • Reply Igor Josifovic 27 July 2014 at 00:35

      Thanks for the tip, Tina! I might need it for when I plan a trip to Weimar. It sounds pretty tempting now!

    • Reply M. Pohl 27 July 2014 at 11:03

      actually it’s right around the corner! so you can enjoy avivs cakes on our balkony! 🙂

    • Reply Igor Josifovic 27 July 2014 at 17:41

      Gut zu wissen!! Ist notiert!

  • Reply Julia 27 July 2014 at 08:04

    Hallo Igor, vielen Dank für den tollen Tipp! Das schaut wirklich großartig aus! Auf nach Weimar 🙂 liebe Grüße, Julia

  • Reply Gerard @WalnutGrey 1 August 2014 at 10:49

    And yes, even I would rent this 😉 Fantastic space.

  • Reply BenniGholami 24 October 2014 at 06:36

    I really love this home for rent. The simplicity layout is really clean and fresh which is definitely attractive as compared to a heavily-decorated house with either dark paint colours or wallpapers that make the entire place looks so cluttered and small. The hazelnut floors add a little serenity to the entire design, making the people staying there feel cozy and homely.

  • Reply Jeremy Olm 25 November 2014 at 02:53

    Theses are my favourite kind of apartments to showcase as an estate agent! Minimalistic and lots of rooms for moving things around… Especially for renters, you need to make sure that the living spaces are easy to customise so they can envision how they will make the apartment into their home!

  • Reply happy 1 December 2014 at 22:34

    Wow those are wonderful pictures, every house should look like that. 🙂

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