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29 August 2013 0


A blogger life is really cool. I admit. Right now, while I am typing these words, I am sitting on a big table in the Bloggers’ Zone with some of my absolute favorite bloggers and friends. To my left I have Nina from Stylizimo and Desiree from Vosgesparis, to my right Emma from Emma’s Designblogg, Anna from La Maison d’Anna G. and Riikka from Weekday Carnival. Somewhere lost is Gerard from Walnut Grey Design, Agata from I Like Design and the mastermind Allan from Bungalow5.

After our booth stylings (I will blog about that later) and a few press events (some to be covered later, too), I walked around the fair in search of interior design news and eye candy for you. And yes, I’ve discovered quite a few highlights. I hope you’ll like them too. Let’s rock and roll!

1. Trip Trap’s ‘Georg Collection’ by Christina Liljenberg Halstrom

This collection you might see on almost all of above mentioned blogs because in this case we were unilateral in our decision: big blogger love for Christina’s amazing designs! She created the ‘Georg Collection’ for the entryway but it can be used in various spaces of the home. The simple yet sophisticated use of wood and leather is impeccable – it makes the functionality of each piece become visible and turns function into design and vice versa. The story is quite charming, too: Christina worked on this collection for quite a long time while her son was sick at home. He kept asking his mother why does this look like that or like that, so she had to work on her design philosophy constantly. Once she finished and her little boy recovered, she decided to call the collection Georg. Just like her son.

She also designed a beautifully simple collection of tea towels for the Danish brand Design Nation.

2. Broste Copenhagen

I’ve blogged about the home accessories brand Broste Copenhagen after my last trip to the Danish capital. I have to say that I am very smitten with their collection of beautifully made home accessories and textiles. They perfectly blend a natural vibe with a Scandinavian pedigree into their products and add warmth and texture to any home. I also used lots of their products for my own booth styling.

3. H. Skjalm P.

I admit I have never heard of this Danish brand before. But their booth stood out at the DesignTrade and made my stop by and snap a few pics for you. H. Skjalm P. offers a wide range of home accessories and textiles including lots of brass as one of this year’s trends. I loved how they made colour stories in combination with the brass elements – a green, blue and orange colour schemes smoothly blends with the warm glow of brass surfaces into a stylish setting. Judge for yourself!

4. Cozy Living

Cozy Living is another Danish home accessories brand that caught my eye. They offer a wide range of cushions with nature motives and saturated as well as pastel hues, copper accessories and candles. They are pretty new and just entering the market so keep an eye on them if you like what you see.

5. Kähler

Kähler might not be a discovery in itself as it is widely known for its iconic stripe design on their vases. But I’ve discovered their new range with wonderful colours and no stripes which I am totally in love with. The deep blue is one of my favorites although the berry hues are no less charming.

6. Bloomingville

Another brand that no one of you would consider a discovery. However, I am such a weak soul when it comes to Bloomingville, whenever I see them I have to enter their stand and roam around. 

7. By Nord

Also pretty known but a highlight, too. The nature inspired home textiles from By Nord keep inspiring me and I love the strong Scandinavian DNA that is woven into its products adding that wild, nature focused vibe into any home.

8. Foxy Potato

Now this one has a double sense of interest – first, the coffee tables in geometric shapes and wooden magazine racks are excellent additions to stylish homes, and second, the name is so fun. Foxy potato!? How fun is it to tell your friends: ‘Oh my coffee table, it’s a foxy potato.’

Bye from Copenhagen from now. I will cover more over the coming days!

Photography by Igor Josifovic


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  • Reply Una 29 August 2013 at 13:47

    I wish I was here! 🙂

  • Reply Anya Jensen 29 August 2013 at 14:29

    Your life looks pretty good to me, and so does the fair!! I’m coming to hang out with you tomorrow 😉

  • Reply geraldine@littlebigbell 29 August 2013 at 14:54

    Wonderful round up Igor, some cool new finds there. Looking forward to the bloggers’ styled sets. x

    • Reply Igor Josifovic 30 August 2013 at 08:40

      Thank you Geraldine! Will share the blogger booths coming week!

  • Reply Judith 29 August 2013 at 16:05

    Great first impression Igor! What I like best are all the green touches. One cannot imagine interior styling in 2013 without a touch of lush green, a few leaves or branches (love the blackberries!!) and graphic flowers. Very curious to discover more of the blogger’s booths!

  • Reply Will @ Bright.Bazaar 29 August 2013 at 20:35

    Top notch round up – thank you! OH, I so wish I was there! Still, maybe it’s for the best otherwise I would totally be coming home with a Foxy Potato coffee table! LOL

    • Reply Igor Josifovic 30 August 2013 at 08:40

      Haha I think I would want one just in order to introduce it to all my guests as the ‘foxy potato’ LOL

  • Reply Ilaria 29 August 2013 at 20:38

    I wish I was wandering through those booths as well … your life looks just perfect right now 😉 I look forward your future posts from cph. Enjoy 🙂

  • Reply Juliette Stuart 30 August 2013 at 06:36

    Looks as if there was a wonderful collection of new designs, very jealous. Thanks for sharing your trip so extensively. My favs are the Black and White pots and Copper Ware.

  • Reply rony@ gutter cover 30 August 2013 at 07:48

    All these designs are really inspiring for me because I was thinking to reconstruct my house and very soon I will do it. So that I think this post will be helpful for me to choose better design for my house.

  • Reply Nannette Glorie 30 August 2013 at 09:31

    So happy to visit this event by your photos!

    • Reply Igor Josifovic 30 August 2013 at 13:49

      Glad you enjoyed the little visit! I will blog more over the next days!

  • Reply Carole Poirot 30 August 2013 at 12:35

    So many gorgeous things, designs and inspiration! Just looking at these images makes my credit card nervous 😉

    • Reply Igor Josifovic 30 August 2013 at 13:49

      Don’t even start this discussion. I have to burn my credit card. Now!

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  • Reply Serviced Apartments Resident 2 April 2014 at 09:30

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