From Place To Space: Festive Munich

2 December 2012 0


With the debut of the first advent week I thought it might be a good idea to take you along a stroll through the festive city I live in, Munich. In Germany, the advent period is a festive and traditional one. Christmas markets pop up throughout the cities and the scents of mulled wine, gingerbread and caramelized almonds fill the air. 

These images portray three Christmas markets in Munich: The central and most traditional one happens on the main square Marienplatz with wooden huts, local artisans exhibiting Christmas decoration and all this is set against a very picturesque background composed by the magnificent town hall and the towers of the landmark church Frauenkirche.

A few steps further the market gets smaller and less crowded. The intimate atmosphere is centered around a wooden stall and surrounded by many illuminated Christmas trees. The little square is named Rindermarkt, literally meaning ‘cattle market’ – its name stemming from its historical origins. 

A 15 minutes walk further, in the hipster district of Glockenbach, the ‘Pink Christmas’ set another tone for the festive advent period. Nomen est omen – pink it is here with flashy pink Christmas trees, white booths, and Christmas songs entertaining the mixed crowd of hipster families, the gay community and local inhabitants. 

So whether you like it traditional, intimate or glamy pink – Munich is the city to be during the advent period. Plus it’s snowing right now! Happy first advent week, folks!

Photography by Igor Josifovic

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  • Reply Tim 3 December 2012 at 02:00

    oh … why is it not Dec 2013 yet?? I so need to be in Munich for this Christmas! Just saw a newspaper story on Christmas at Nuremberg!

  • Reply tina 3 December 2012 at 03:27

    Yep, Munich is definitely the place to be in December. There’s something for everyone! I also love that you’ve already got snow.

    Beautiful photography Mr Happy!
    Have a good Monday:)

  • Reply Cyndi Murdoch 3 December 2012 at 04:42

    How can you not get into the Christmas spirit if you live in Munich? Great pictures…

  • Reply ti 3 December 2012 at 07:31

    christkindlmarkt in münchen ist für mich immer die schlimmste zeit..i´m sorry.. 🙂 wenn man termine und es eilig hat..einer stunde mehr einplanen..ich vermisse münchen, aber das nicht.. 🙂

    • Reply Igor Josifovic 3 December 2012 at 18:01

      Keine Termine im Dezember lautet die Devise:-)

    • Reply ti 4 December 2012 at 07:00

      so gut hab ich´s leider nicht – termine bis zum 22.!! 🙂

    • Reply Igor Josifovic 4 December 2012 at 19:09

      Dann tapfer durchhalten & dennoch eine schöne Adventszeit!

  • Reply will_uk 3 December 2012 at 09:17

    Well, as a die hard Christmas market fan, you know I just love all this festivity! Your snaps bring back the fun memories of last year… can you believe a year has passed already – crazy!! Have a lovely week, Mr!

    • Reply Igor Josifovic 3 December 2012 at 18:02

      True! Time passes so quickly! Right now it’s snowing and it is so festive here, love it!!! Happy week, bloggin’ bro’!

  • Reply Toni // sisterMAG 3 December 2012 at 18:21

    Schöne Bilder! Nach München werde ich dieses Jahr zwar nicht mehr kommen, aber nach dem sisterMAG Launch habe ich mir vorgenommen mindestens 3 der unzähligen Berliner Weihnachtsmärkte zu besuchen und natürlich freue ich mich auf den Bergmannsweihnachtsmarkt in meiner sächsischen Heimatstadt. Da gibt’s wieder Glühbier 🙂

  • Reply Denisa 3 December 2012 at 20:06

    Really so nice pics. I have never been there.. But I would like. I like Christmas markt. Would ypu like to follow each other via bloglovin? Have a nice day.

  • Reply Sofia 4 December 2012 at 07:19

    Munich is a great city, so much good food and beer. I’m going to Berlin in a couple of days, can’t wait to indulge in lebkuchen and glüwein!

  • Reply Krista 4 December 2012 at 10:14

    Beautiful pictures of the Munich Christmas Market! I’ve visited the Heidelberg and Kaiserslautern ones this year. So sad it’s my last Christmas in Germany – such a pretty time of year!

  • Reply Catherine Bedson 4 December 2012 at 11:34

    Oh Munich looks so gorgeous at Christmas festive. I live in Australia and would love to have a cold Christmas like this one year. Thanks for sharing Igor.

  • Reply Susan 4 December 2012 at 12:14

    My parents lived near Munich for many years, and I always heard stories of the Christmas markets! Our tree was always filled with incredible wood figures and such from there. Memories!

  • Reply LatteLisa LisaHjalt 4 December 2012 at 20:55

    Your city is looking very festive. Thanks for taking us on a stroll with you 😉

  • Reply Elli 4 December 2012 at 21:23

    Happy festive days to you too my friend!!Such a lovely post!

  • Reply Beauty Follower 5 December 2012 at 16:02

    Ζηλεψα λιγουλάκι… καλα να περνας και να φας μερικα απο τα πολυ ομορφα κουλουρακια και για μενα!

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