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26 April 2013 0


Today it’s time to present you one of my very new ‘Happy Sponsors’, the German online shop milanari.com with a beautiful selection of furniture and home accessories. milanari.com is pretty new on the German market and covers a wide array of interior styles: from vintage pieces, over colourful accessories to modern furniture. The two charming ladies and owners, Jutta Syben and Nicole Mahnel, founded milanari.com in Munich and what I love is that their passion for furniture and home accessories shines through – they pick every piece by themselves and thus create a personal marketplace for happy homes, don’t you agree?

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For this blog post I’ve compiled some of my favorite finds from milanari.com and grouped them into ‘interior personality’ boards – being a guy I’ve opted for a ‘masculine’ typology, but of course this applies to all you beautiful ladies out there, too! 

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I am the kind of guy that easily gets lost in online shops with home accessories. I browse, get inspired and eventually I discover something new and beautiful that I want for my happy home. So let’s do a little guessing game, shall we?

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Here is the little guessing game: One of the above depicted home goodies from milanari.com is now in my home. But which one? What do you think? I am curious to see who knows me that well by now to guess right!

This post is kindly sponsored by milanari.com.

Photography: Vintage room via Minna’s Playground; Modern room via B&B Italia; Colourful room via Homelife; all product shots via milanari.com.

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  • Reply TYPORiA 26 April 2013 at 08:08

    Ok, let me guess first – you’ve gone for the violet sheepskin!?

  • Reply Matthias David 26 April 2013 at 08:12

    bestimmt eine von den flaschen für dein neu gestyltes schlafzimmer, oder was aus dem vintage sortiment? 🙂 milanari hat sehr schöne sachen! gefällt!


  • Reply Anya Jensen 26 April 2013 at 08:50

    Hi Igor
    I reckon that you have bought the little table with the black legs :)!! Nice stuff – happy Friday,

    • Reply Igor Josifovic 26 April 2013 at 09:03

      Good guess but still no correct answer! I am still curious who’s gonna guess right:-)

  • Reply stilmittel 26 April 2013 at 10:24

    Das schwarz-braune Bücherregal? Happy day! Sandra

    • Reply Igor Josifovic 26 April 2013 at 11:42

      Das Bücherregal finde ich großartig!! Aber das ist es auch nicht 🙂 Happy Friday, Sandra!

  • Reply Judith 26 April 2013 at 11:50

    Really like the pivoting purple chair! Hmmm tough question as there is no real option for the “little sailor”… Maybe the happy green Kleiderständer? Or the weinlicht…

    • Reply Igor Josifovic 26 April 2013 at 12:01

      That purple chair would fit into your home, right? Well, still no correct guessing:-) Hint: it’s a smaller accessory:-)

  • Reply Anette 26 April 2013 at 13:49

    Dann kann es ja nur noch der braune Weinballon sein…oder ?

  • Reply Cyndi Murdoch 26 April 2013 at 14:01

    I love that wine bottle candle. I would grab that in a heartbeat. It would be a great addition to your home.

  • Reply Krishka Kriska 26 April 2013 at 16:20

    there’s really great furniture, specially like that interior on second photo.

  • Reply Pinecone Camp 26 April 2013 at 21:16

    I’m pretty much loving everything here! My faves are the vintage bits. I hadn’t checked out this company before, so thanks for the link! Have a good weekend Igor!

  • Reply Beauty Follower 29 April 2013 at 12:23

    Πολύ όμορφα… ειδικά η πολυθρόνα πάνω δεξιά
    και το κηροπήγιο/μπουκάλι!

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