Holiday At Home: Book Review & Interview With Mr. Jason Grant

October 31, 2014 0


Social media have a magic power – not only do I get loads of inspiration from the social web, I also happen to meet the most creative and cool people from literally all around the world, even from the completely other side of our spinning planet. That is how I virtually met Mr. Jason Grant, one of Australia’s most renowned interior stylist, colour expert and author. I have eagerly followed his career on social media and loved his first book ‘A Place Called Home’ and it was my interior design blogger duty to get my claws on his second book ‘Holiday At Home’. Mission accomplished, I have that colourful and super inspiring book on my coffee table!

This book is something like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Its title reveals what’s packed on almost 300 pages – a beacon of colours, holiday inspiration and relaxed decorating ideas. With Sydney-based Mr. Jason Grant you can be sure to get a big dose of sunshine and relaxed Aussie feeling into your own home – just grab this book, trust me, you will love it! His impeccable style and taste is the red thread through this visual masterpiece – beautifully shot by photographer Lauren Bamford and published by Hardie Grant Books.

I used the opportunity to reach out to Jason on social media and asked him a few questions as I was majorly inspired by his latest book and I wanted to know his secret. Let’s see what he told us:

Jason, congrats to your second book ‘Holiday at Home’. Do we need to live in Australia with lots of sunshine and a pool in the backyard to experience holiday at home?

Jason: Definitely not. You can create this feeling anywhere, perhaps let me know where, I might come visit, I have the travel bug! I’m lucky to call Bondi home and that’s my inspiration.

What can the reader expect from your new book?

Jason: Uplifting decorating inspiration.

What inspired you to write a book about a holiday feel at home?

Jason: The home and holidays are my two favourite things, what better than combining the two! Holidays are all about relaxing and I am a big fan of a relaxed style of decorating for the home. Your home should be your very own sanctuary.

Give us one quick tip how to create a relaxed holiday feeling at home.

Jason: Relaxed style means decorating with things you love with no need to over style it.

How important is the home for the dweller’s happiness?

Jason: Your home should make you happy – decorating is fun or should be and your home should reflect your personality, it should be filled with things that make you smile. Your very own happy place if you want so.

Last but not least: What’s your favorite corner in your home?

Jason: Hm, so many corners to choose from! We have a little spot in our lounge room that probably has a little too many things in it but it’s filled with things we love, a little collection of objects and usually fresh flowers.

Thanks for the interview, Jason!

If you love to travel and bring back inspiration from your holidays and if you love decorating, this book will make you very happy! You can order it HERE or HERE and create your own ‘Holiday at Home’ feeling! Happy weekend!

Photography by Lauren Bamford courtesy of Hardie Grant Books


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  • Reply Lina November 3, 2014 at 15:31

    Australians always seem to be so naturally relaxed, eclectic and colorful in their homes, I just love it 🙂

    • Reply Igor Josifovic November 3, 2014 at 16:57

      Absolutely Lina. I think it is the sun that makes them so relaxed and eclectic:-))

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