How About Some Fashion For Home?

10 September 2012 0


Forget the New York Fashion Week. I am talking serious stuff here. Tangible stuff. I am talking about ‘Fashion For Home‘. Who wouldn’t like a bit of fashion for the own dwelling, right? I added a stylish bit of fashion to my home with a new highlight – a brand new coffee table made of walnut wood with a refined white metal detail between the top and the table’s legs. Now we talk prêt-à-porter!

Fashion For Home‘ is an excellent resource for stylish and affordable furniture. When they approached me and asked me whether I’d like to present one of their pieces I was more than flattered. And the timing was just about perfect. My old Ikea coffee table has suffered seriously over the years leaving some irreversible scratch marks on its top and screaming for renewal. So here it is. The successor: the Copine coffee table by Sean Dix. And oh, I am in love with it!

So if you are looking for a new sofa, cool chairs, a stylish bed, colourful accessories or a coffee table too – ‘Fashion For Home‘ has a great selection of designer furniture to very accessible prices and is available in the US, UK, the Netherlands, Austria and Germany. My verdict: happiness for homes approved!

Photography by Igor Josifovic


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  • Reply caroline @trend-daily 10 September 2012 at 23:26

    Fantastic table Igor and I love your first shot. I’ll go and check out the website! 🙂 Caroline

  • Reply house of earnest 10 September 2012 at 23:50

    Beautiful! Love the shape and color strips on the legs!!

  • Reply Tim 11 September 2012 at 00:14

    Amazing shots Igor! That’s what you were doing with the flowers 🙂

    The table looks fab as well.. Now I just need to check out Fashion for Home and see if I can get them to ship to Toronto! Wish me luck!

  • Reply Cyndi Murdoch 11 September 2012 at 04:10

    Thanks for the new resource! I just checked out the website – it’s great.

  • Reply Baumhausfee 11 September 2012 at 06:24

    Ui! Was für ein hübsches Tischlein. Herzliche Gratulation zum Neuzuzüger. Gnihihihi.

    Einen fröhlichen Tag wünscht Dir
    die Baumhausfee

  • Reply Lost In Cheeseland 11 September 2012 at 06:30

    GREAT table! Surely an improvement on Ikea starter pieces 🙂

  • Reply clara vom tastesheriff 11 September 2012 at 07:44

    Igor.. it looks great in your huge flat!!!!! Lovely!!! Hugs to you and I hope to see you soooon!!! <3

  • Reply Will @ Bright.Bazaar 11 September 2012 at 09:36

    The East Wing just got a hot new date!! Your shots capture the piece beautifully, pal.

  • Reply Pure Living* Interiors 11 September 2012 at 12:23

    Great choise! Love walnut, too and the shape as well as the metal detail is both stylish and somehow even classical.
    And to do not forget: GREAT pictures, Igor.

  • Reply Dawna 11 September 2012 at 15:33

    I love it! the white detailing is what really makes it chic!

  • Reply Christine 11 September 2012 at 15:46

    ooh, i completely agree here. just takes a small thing to put a piece over the fashion edge like that. very nice photos too, Igor!

  • Reply LatteLisa LisaHjalt 11 September 2012 at 18:49

    Your new walnut coffee table looks seriously good! Congratulations, how nice of them to give you such a fine table. I’m off to check their website. But let me say this, fashion for home is fine but there is no way I’m going to forget NYFW, no way 😉

    • Reply Igor Josifovic 11 September 2012 at 19:49

      LOL – I’ve placed it as a catchword for my fashion-savvy readers like you:-)))

  • Reply Giova 11 September 2012 at 19:15

    Love that table, with the rug and those cushions on the sofa, everything! Even the pistachios look perfect!

  • Reply Holly 11 September 2012 at 20:13

    I so hoped that this was the table you chose! Excellent choice, Copine is such a sweet piece. And you know I’m a fan of Fashion For Home too 😉

    Also, fabulous pictures Igor. Nice to get a glimpse into your stylish, happy space 🙂


  • Reply Maria Matiopoulou 11 September 2012 at 21:32

    Oh my! You new coffee table is love-at-first-sight! I love it, I have a simple IKEA one for the moment, I can’t wait to move to a new apartment and start collecting beautiful furniture like your coffee table!


  • Reply STYLIZIMO 12 September 2012 at 21:47

    Your new table is great, Igor! I really, really love it! Your photos are amazing too.
    It´s nice to finally see some photos from your home 🙂

    Nina x

    • Reply Igor Josifovic 12 September 2012 at 23:14

      Oh thank you, Nina!! Actually there is a home story coming soon on the blog:-))

  • Reply ALL ABOUT CHOCOLATE CREATIVE... 15 September 2012 at 20:29

    Love the new table, and how you have styled the corner in your home.

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