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May 27, 2015 5


Moodboard_Farrow_and_Ball_final1Yesterday I presented my first moodboard ever on my Facebook page and Instagram account. It was a little collaboration with Farrow & Ball including a giveaway – so if you need 10 liters of good Farrow & Ball paint of your choice, make sure to leave a comment HERE. When I was asked to do the moodboard I felt challenged – because I have never done a moodboard but I admire all the talented people out there who manage to pin down their ideas in a visual and inspiring moodboard. So this was reason enough to take on the challenge!

HomeThe starting point was quickly set – I had a certain collection of images in mind that I had pinned over the past few weeks on my Pinterest account. I recalled that they all had a similar vibe – an earthy, slightly moody, slightly boho touch. The dominating colours were darker hues of blue and earthy tones like terracotta, clay and raw leather. These images also symbolized my love for ceramics, for handmade pieces, the perfection in the imperfection. I had a story in mind of a life we create with our hands, made from the soil we walk on. It is a feeling of being rooted, belonging to where you are, and creating with your hands. This story unfolded in my mind when I settled down to start the moodboard.

jungle trend moodboardWilder Mann inspiroThen I started collecting pieces that I had at home. Images, ceramics, stones, felt swatches, dried flowers, driftwood, twine, bowls and a the lids of three little paint pots by Farrow & Ball – I opted for the colours Stiffkey Blue, Cook’s Blue and Book Room Red. I laid out everything on a white cardboard and started shuffling and removing pieces. This is the really fun and interesting part. I felt challenged and that was the point when I asked for some professional advice by my dear friend, fellow blogger, trend expert and moodboard genius Gudy Herder of Eclectic Trends.

gudy giant mb blog picShe was a wonderful mentor giving me helpful advice how to bring my moodboard to life. I worked on and voilà – I felt I accomplished the task. It is not perfect but my perfection lies in life’s imperfections. And I am happy about it!

If you like moodboards too and feel inspired, I have great news: Gudy is sharing her knowledge in an e-course as of June 2015. I have already enrolled to follow the e-course and master my moodboard skills. You can find all relevant information HERE. And if you sign up for the Eclectic Trends newsletter, you might get the chance of a discount for the e-course – sign up HERE.

See you in the e-course!!

Photography by Igor Josifovic and Gudy Herder


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  • Reply Michelle Evans June 18, 2015 at 12:27

    I’ve just discovered Gudy Herder (via Emily Quinton) and was looking at her new online mood boarding course, and now read about her your post. It’s amazing how things connect sometimes! Thank you for the inspiration Igor – it looks fun and very helpful with ideas!

    • Reply Igor June 18, 2015 at 13:14

      Yes, I am a good friend (and fan) of Gudy! She is so inspiring and everything I learned about moodboarding was from her in fact!

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