Mindful Living With The New Craftsmen

24 March 2015 7


In today’s consume-focused society we tend to buy for the sake of buying, we add things to our homes because we want them, we tend to clutter our everyday life without a big deal of reflection. On the other hand, we can see more and more people and brands focusing on the essentials in life, focusing on good, handmade work by craftsmen around the globe. During our recent Design Bloggers Tour to London we had the opportunity to meet up with The New Craftsmen, a design brand that works with some of Britain’s best craft makers and showcases some of their work in their great Mayfair based store. Today they are launching ‘Mindful Living’, a collaboration with furniture designer-maker Gareth Neal showing how objects can affect our mood and well-being.

Gareth Neal has designed a few pieces for the new ‘Mindful Living’ project and other makers of The New Craftsmen have collaborated and participated in the project too. All pieces have been made with the idea of a stripped back life with a pure set of objects that can fulfill our needs both physically and mentally. The collection included the Brodgar cabinet made by Gareth in collaboration with Kevin Gauld, but also a new textile range by The Good Shepherd and stackable ceramic vessels designed in collaboration with Billy Lloyd.

‘Mindful Living’ is all about putting sense and meaning to the objects we surround ourselves. During our visit at The New Craftsmen we were asked to create and design together with London based designer Lola Ley a set of placemats for our dinner with The New Craftsmen. We were asked to create a simple and useful piece by working with natural materials and dyes. During the fantastic homemade dinner we used our placemats to create a boho styled table setting and enjoyed good food and talks with the people behind The New Craftsmen and its designers. You can join the discussion about ‘Mindful Living’ on social media by using the hashtag #MindfulLivingTNC.

Thanks to at{mine} we had this fantastic opportunity as The New Craftsmen are among their beta users in their new interiors community. If you want to join me and many other creatives at{mine}, sign up HERE. And if you want to know more about The New Craftsmen and their ‘Mindful Living’ project, read the intersting interview on the at{mine} blog!

Photography by Susanna Vento, Linda Elmin, Anna Gustafsson

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