New Shelf Unit At Home

28 April 2015 2


Sometimes I feel that I am pretty continuous for an interior design blogger. I mean I have furniture in my home that’s been around for seven years now. On the very same spot. Imagine that! Whenever I read of those creative interior bloggers who shuffle their furniture weekly and exchange their furnishing on a regular basis, I feel like an idle conservative. So I made a decision to change my shelf unit for once. And here it is.
Previously I had a somewhat quirky shelf unit that was irregular in its shape and with closed sides. Now I have opted for a lighter, airier version in order to keep it light and bright in my small space. This shelf unit has open sides which is perfect to display cascading plants like my ivy as they are free to grow and get enough sunlight even if the shelf unit is not placed close to a window. Moreover I liked the Nordic vibe of the shelf unit using oak wood and a white finishing.
I found my shelf unit named ‘Farringdon’ at Habitat during one of my visits in their Paris store. I liked it instantly and a few weeks later it arrived in my Munich home. I also like the fact that it offers a lot of space for ever changing stylings and decor vignettes. After all it seems I am not that idle. Nor am I a conservative. Here’s to fun shelf stylings!
Farringdon shelf unit by Habitat, Vida floor lamp by Urbanara
Photography by Igor Josifovic

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