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New Zealand Tip: Coromandel Peninsula

28 April 2016 5


New Zealand, travel blog, Coromandel, Hot Water Beach, Cathedral Cove, travel tips

When you travel from Europe to New Zealand you figure like four weeks is a minimum I should plan. I spent four weeks in New Zealand and I must admit I could have easily spent two more to fully embrace and enjoy the countless beauties of this far away country.…

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Discovering Auckland, New Zealand

25 February 2016 2


Auckland, Discover Auckland, New Zealand, Auckland tips, Design tips Auckland, Shopping in Auckland, Auckland for design lovers

In my last blog post I took you to the first two cool addresses I checked out in Auckland – see it here. Now I am still in New Zealand, currently on the South Island, and I thought it is about time to continue with some more Auckland tips – most of which I have discovered thanks to my Auckland based friend and blogger Mel of Styled Canvas.…

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Styling Idea: Kitchen Towel Art

11 July 2016 4


Citta Design, New Zealand, New Zealand design, interior styling, styling tip, styling idea, living room, bohemian, boho style

It’s been now almost 4 months since my trip to New Zealand and some of my souvenirs come only now into action. During my Auckland trip I went to one of New Zealand’s great interior brands, Citta Design, and I couldn’t help but shop and bring some souvenirs of Kiwi design to my own home.…

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Life lately

24 May 2016 5


I am typing these words with a certain level of guilt. Why? I just noticed that my last blogpost is already one week old and by my earlier standards I would have updated the blog twice in the meantime. But we change over time and so do standards, right?…

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