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2 June 2015 5


vintage ceramics, vase, german pottery, vintage decor, flowers, home decor

KOTO, scented candle, scent diffuser, Skandinavisk, styling, Design Bloggers candle

interior styling, bedroom, plants, vintage decor

June has commenced and I am wishing you all a happy new month! This month will be a very busy one and packed with travels. I will be off to Paris on Wednesday to attend the presentation of the new Habitat collection and discover a few new spots in the French capital. Next weekend I will be off to London with my Urban Jungle Bloggers partner-in-crime Judith to speak at Blogtacular about our green and thriving community. Then I am off to Amsterdam, Austria and back to Paris. In such busy times I love to save some rare but precious moments at home and unwind. Oh well, and enjoy some new little additions bien sûr!

vintage decor, brass, ceramics, vintage ceramics, home decor, styling

plants, home decor, urbanjunglebloggers, plant pots, ceramics, planters, succulents, cacti

I will not bore you with my future trips now, I will do that after the trip, ha! But for now I just want to  share some little snapshots of my home with you (yes, still the same small shoebox apartment). I have added a few new ‘tchotchkes’ to my home which I really like! Recently I’ve been e-thrifting and managed to score a few goodies like two vintage ceramic vases (mid-century German pottery) and a cute brass crane figurine – all found on eBay. I have also potted my new mini plants from Bordeaux (you remember from HERE) and the Sedum plant is now in my ‘evil eye’ planter, handmade by the potter Leandro Marcelino of ‘Hey Camel Bazaar’ in Vietnam.

vintage ceramics, pottery, German pottery, vintage decor, home decor, styling

For the scent of a comfy home I have opened the brand new KOTO scent diffuser which is perfect for summer as I tend to reduce my candle burning during the hot season. The diffuser is perfect as it scents the apartment gently and it looks pretty stylish. For candle lovers there is now a small KOTO candle too, all available through Skandinavisk.

KOTO, scented candle, scent diffuser, Skandinavisk, plants, Design Bloggers candle

KOTO, scented candle, scent diffuser, Skandinavisk, plants, Design Bloggers candle

Maybe you remember the motto I preach for small home dwelling: One in – one out. With all the recent additions it’s time to restore the good balance which I will do by donating a huge pile of home goodies for free to a local flea market that will be organized on June 13th in Munich and all earnings will then be donated for earthquake relief in Nepal. That makes me double happy!

Photography by Igor Josifovic


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