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5 Happy Inspirations: Nautical Homeware

17 April 2013 0


Imagine a soft sea breeze, salty air, the light scent of pines, soft sand under your feet and the repetitious sound of crushing waves – nothing beats a walk along the beach. But even if you happen to live far away from the sea and the beach you are not doomed to merely fantasize – bring that nautical feel of a maritime sojourn to your home with home accessories.…

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5 Happy Inspirations: Urban Styling

10 April 2013 0


Some of you might know by now that I am currently attending Justina Blakeney’s fabulous interior styling e-course. As of tomorrow I will start sharing some ‘before & after’ pics of my home to give you an idea of what has been keeping me entertained over the past few days.…

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5 Happy Inspirations: Fun Tea Towels

2 April 2013 0


A few days ago I instagrammed a pic of my new Donna Wilson plates while doing the dishes (yes, roll your eyes, I haven’t got a dishwasher at home). Dishwashing is one of those chores that I deeply detest. However, I’ve found a way to cheer up even the dullest of household chores by washing happy plates.…

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5 Happy Inspirations: Refresh Your Interiors

26 March 2013 1


Hello my friends! I’m back after a little getaway to sunny Greece and a fabulous design hotel. Soon more here on the blog. But for the time being let us indulge in a new ‘5 Happy Inspirations’ post. Some of you might know that I am one of those indecisive persons when it comes to interior design, styling and decoration.…

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5 Happy Inspirations: Etsy UK Picks

19 March 2013 0


We continue with our ‘British Week’ on Happy Interior Blog. All eyes on the Brits and their creativity! Ever since I attended last year’s London Design Festival I am convinced that the UK is a leading design nation full of creativity.…

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