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5 Happy Inspirations: Etsy Five

5 February 2013 0


Two weeks ago I scouted five goodies from the cute webshop ‘Der Kleine Bazar’ followed by five finds from the fab ‘Human Empire Shop’ last weekend. Today, I’m sharing five happy finds from the inexhaustibly inspiring realm of Etsy.  I guess most of you can relate to this behaviour: Usually I receive a newsletter from Etsy, I click, click again…and I am lost.…

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5 Happy Inspirations: Human Empire Shop

29 January 2013 0


My Wednesday happy picks tend to come from various sources. But lately I am absolutely smitten by cute online shops which sell a variety of goodies for happy homes. So today again I’ve decided to select ‘5 Happy Inspirations’ from one online store called Human Empire Shop.…

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5 Happy Inspirations: Der Kleine Bazar

23 January 2013 0


Today I would like to introduce a little German shop (in the little south German town of Augsburg) and webshop to you. ‘Der Kleine Bazar‘, literally ‘The Little Bazaar’, offers charming home accessories, little furniture pieces, lighting and textiles from the Middle East and Northern Africa.…

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5 Happy Blogger Inspirations: We Are Social

16 January 2013 0


Today’s ‘5 Happy Inspirations’ post is a bit different as you might notice. I am not presenting five happy home decor or furniture finds, but five happy and incredibly inspiring (not to mention successful) bloggers and friends. I’ve met them at the imm Cologne furniture fair at the ‘We Are Social‘ panel this Monday.…

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5 Happy Inspirations: Cushion Happiness

8 January 2013 0


Nothing is as easy as adding a fresh, new vibe to your interior design. If you start with the simple trick of adding one or a few new cushions to your sofa or your bed, you will feel invigorated and inspired to spin on and recreate your home decor.…

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