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Ana Kras

The Home Of Artist Ana Kras

7 August 2014 2


‘It’s an improvisation of an apartment’ says Ana Kras, the Serbian designer who has relocated to New York City’s Lower East Side a few weeks ago. Most of her belongings are still with her parents in Belgrade, Serbia, and in her previous home in L.A.…

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Happily Ever After: Curio Magazine

4 April 2013 1


Interiors, people, life, style – doesn’t this sound just perfect for a relaxed afternoon on the sofa? I think it does and the British e-mag Curio Magazine offers it all. I must admit, until recently I didn’t know the magazine. A few days ago the second issue was launched and I was absolutely enchanted by it.…

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Happily Ever After: Designer Ana Kras

16 August 2012 2


Before I left for my family vacations to Serbia, I cheered you good bye with a picture of the ‘Bonbon Lamps’ by Serbian designer Ana Kras. Today, I want to use the opportunity to present this amazing (and beautiful) designer to you in more detail.  Ana was born in Belgrade in 1984 and works on different personal and commissioned projects.…

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Time To Exhale: Vacations!

4 August 2012 1


What’s the best about summer? Sun, warm temperatures, the life outside, but above all: vacations! Yup, it is that time of the year. I am all packed and ready. The suitcase is full, the ticket is printed, the passport is ready.…

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