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Ideas For A Happy Weekend

7 September 2012 0


Here is another great effect of blogging! You travel the world. Truth be told, quite often it’s a digital voyage but not less amazing. Visiting the US west coast is still on my travel wish list. And speaking of the west coast, San Francisco is on top of my itinerary.…

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Going Wild: My ‘Dream Home’

21 November 2011 0


Last Sunday I was very happy to be guest blogging on fabulous Apartment 34 about my dream home. If you haven’t had a chance to see my ideas and inspirations for my dream home, here they are for all of you to have a look at.…

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Guest Blogging On Amazing Apartment 34

20 November 2011 0


Today I am super excited and happy to be a guest blogger on the fabulous Apartment 34 blog. San Francisco based Erin asked me to write a blog post on my ‘dream home’ which was more than appealing and a bit scary.…

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