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Happily Ever After: Tiny Transforming Apartment

1 February 2013 0


Today’s blog post will look a bit different from my usual posts, I know. But I think this is so share-worthy, I just had to reconsider my Friday post and present this incredibly smart and tiny New York City apartment, that transforms itself into eight rooms thanks to smart architecture and interior design.…

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From Place To Space: Toronto

2 September 2012 0


One week ago I had the pleasure to meet one of my Canadian fellow bloggers here in Munich. Tim lives and works in Toronto and speaking to him I was reminiscing about my visit to Toronto two years ago. Now I’ve decided to take you on a little retrospective trip to this fabulous Canadian metropolis.…

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From Place To Space: Bregenz, Austria

29 April 2012 1


Are you ready for a new Monday adventure? Buckle up, I am taking you somewhere special – to the city where I was born: the small west Austrian city of Bregenz. Bregenz is located at the shores of Lake Constance in the bordering area of Austria, Germany and Switzerland.…

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From Place To Space: Barcelona

22 January 2012 0


Here on Happy Interior Blog, Mondays equal to inspirational trips entitled ‘From Place To Space’. And this Monday is no exception. Ready? Here we go, destination: Barcelona! The Catalonian capital and Spanish metropolis Barcelona is one of the most lively and bustling cities in Europe.…

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