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Spanish Design: BD Barcelona Design

22 July 2015 4


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Where do you draw the line between art and design? What if a piece of furniture is so extraordinary that it elevates itself from the mundane use as a mere functional object? This was a question I asked myself when I wandered through the showroom of BD Barcelona Design in the Catalan metropolis.…

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Giveaway: Win Art For Your Walls By Ixxi

21 November 2014 0


Have you heard of ixxi? If you love art on your walls this is the way to go! Ixxi is the perfect solution for wall art in rented spaces or if you do not want to harass your walls with a hammer, nails or a drilling machine – because the ixxi art is simply attached and detached without trace once you want to change your wall decor!…

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Fun, Creative, Visual: Mapology Guides

14 November 2014 0


How often have we found ourselves pondering: Right decision? Wrong decision? And I don’t mean only while navigating through a new city or hood. Buying a present – this or that? Getting a pet – yes or no? In our everyday lives we are constantly confronted with decision – bigger and smaller ones.…

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