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From Place To Space: My Athens! Part One

7 April 2013 1


Hello Monday, hello spring, hello friends! Let us start into a new week invigorated by ideas, creativity and the insatiable desire to discover new places, new cultures new concepts of aesthetics and happiness. Probably today’s virtual trip won’t be all too new to everyone of you, but it is a personal return for me, a visit to a city I called home for an entire year as a student: my Athens!…

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From Place To Space: New Hotel, Athens

31 March 2013 2


I am a lover of weekend city getaways where I am discovering new places, new designs, new treats. This time I was up for a prolonged design weekend in Athens, Greece. It was a sort of ‘revisited’ kind of getaway because I’ve been many times to Athens and a decade ago I used to live there as a student.…

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From Place To Space: Athens

5 February 2012 1


Do you have the tickets ready? Yes, it’s Monday, and we are embarking on yet another inspirational voyage. Today’s destination: Athens, Greece. Get ready for sun, culture, history and a vibrant nightlife. Here we go. Some of you already know that I used to live and study in Athens, Greece.…

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