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Style It Up: Bathroom Idea

22 August 2012 0


When I get up, it’s the first room I enter. Before I go to sleep, it’s the last room I leave. The bathroom. Interior design and decoration doesn’t stop in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen. A beautifully styled bathroom is actually a must: it pays aesthetic tribute to the bathroom’s purpose – perpetuating personal hygiene, beauty, and aesthetics.  The picture above got me swooning over a black and white schedule for a sleek and stylish bathroom.…

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Tile Love: Made a Mano

27 June 2012 0


I’ve always loved tiles. I think it’s the abundance of materials, styles, colours and patterns that executed a great deal of attraction to me. I’ve admired traditional tiles from Morocco, Portugal, Italy and imagined their use throughout times for interior design reasons.…

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Loving Metro Tiles

23 April 2012 0


I am back from Paris! I think you’ve seen how inspired and happy my prolonged weekend was and of course I came back with a strong inspiration for an upcoming interior design project. I am definitely in love with metro tiles.…

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Bathroom Pretties

9 January 2012 0


Think of this very special room in our homes. It is one of the first rooms we enter in the morning and it is quite often the last one we spend some time before hopping into bed. I am referring to our very personal spa, the bathroom.  Sometimes we’re rushed, very quick and efficient, other times we love to linger and relax in our little refuge.…

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