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Before & After: Home Styling Part Three

25 April 2013 0


Styling your home can be the best activity ever. Trust me. It is so fun and so challenging at the same time. During my interior styling online course by Justina Blakeney I was asked to restyle five areas of my home: The coffee table and sofa (part one, see HERE), the console and bookshelf (part two, see HERE) and the bed & nightstand – today’s final part three!…

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Before & After: Home Styling Part Two

18 April 2013 0


Last week I wrote about my online interior styling class and I presented the first results – my coffee table and sofa styling. Today, I want to share the second part with you: styling a bookshelf and a console. Justina Blakeney’s online course was a truly fun experience as we were asked to take ‘before & after’ pics and apply the ‘8 principles of styling’.…

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Before & After: Home Styling Part One

10 April 2013 0


There is a wonderful French proverb saying: ‘Il vaut mieux un petit chez soi, qu’un grand chez les autres.’ It means basically: There’s no place like (our own small) home. Particularly true in my case when I think of my shoebox sized apartment.…

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